Raised by Bears


Aberdeen International Youth Festival is one of the largest and most successful gatherings of youth talent held anywhere in the world. Since its formation in the 1960’s, AIYF has hosted more than 27,500 young people from around the globe, featuring a diverse range of performance arts including jazz, traditional music, ballet, theatre, opera, choirs, world music, contemporary music and dance.

Following a competitive pitch including several central belt agencies, our team were selected to develop the AIYF identity and brand to give the festival a more vibrant, contemporary, inclusive and accessible image, and to ensure a consistency of asset usage across multiple channels and partners.

We also focussed on the design and development of a new website which could be easily updated by the busy team throughout the festival’s duration and could be used as an information resource for future festival participants.

The completed site has engaged an audience of 8 to 80 years old, with a searchable performance database capable of displaying over 90 performances in 9 days over 50 venues. Following the brand launch, the festival saw a 30% increase in ticket sales, record attendances at venues and a significantly higher recognition factor based on public survey.

We’ve worked with the AIYF festival team since 2006 and are extremely proud of our ongoing relationship.